Which of the businesspeople do you trust more: those who merely release the product or those who use their products themselves and closely monitor their fate?

Recently BigBelly representatives arrived in Astana, including the Sales & Business Development Director of BigBelly, responsible for the CIS region, Vladimirov Gavrilidis, to personally verify the functioning of their “smart” systems for separate waste collection.

It is nice when people care about their work and result. Every feedback is valuable; quality is in the details.

“Green” technology only recently arrived in Kazakhstan. However, the first trials signify that people are ready to change something in their daily rhythm of consumption. It is doubly joyful that the government supports such initiatives.

Innovative separate waste collection systems BigBelly were installed at the international exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana. A few more, “smart” solid waste collection systems were installed in the residential complex “Green Quarter” from BI Group, the creators of which show at most respect and care for nature.

Some of the most advanced countries in the world use BigBelly in everyday urban life. Moreover, now Kazakhstan is among them. Representatives of the company who came to attend the most significant event of the year and witness their products in action hope that the practice of using “green” garbage collection systems will soon spread beyond the exhibition and residential complex and will become an everyday thing.

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