The international exhibition EXPO 2017 Astana attracts not only ordinary tourists but also leading innovators in the field of green technologies. Among them, the export director Tristan Durivault of the Goupil Industrie.


The partnership between Goupil Industrie and Tau Innovative Solutions was established over several large projects, but the first of many electric cars of this French brand was delivered especially for Astana EXPO-2017. This event is when the era of alternative fuel sourced Goupil G5 began in Kazakhstan.


The French guest was delighted with the scale of the exhibition and sincerely proud to represent his company’s technology during the masterclass. Informative, and most importantly practical presentation of Mr Durivault fully revealed the possibilities of manoeuvrable cars. We always assume that new contracts are just around the corner. The utility range of these machines is vast, and thanks to the body of the transformer, we can easily adapt purpose, capacity and range.


Plus, do not forget about energy efficiency – 1 charge is more than enough for three days! Charging is fast and can be carried out during the night.


Today, electric cars are not only a new trend but also an economically viable investment that will last you many years, without costly maintenance.

Are you ready to invest in your future? Tau Innovative Solutions will help you with it.

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