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RC “Green quarter”

  • RC “Green quarter”

RC Green quarter

Customer: BI Group
Astana, Sygynak, 2016-2017

Task: development of a construction waste management plan for the LEED MR Credit system and development of a waste management plan during operation under the LEED MR Prerequisite 1.

Development and adaptation of construction waste management plan

Integration of separate waste collection system

Consultation on “green construction in waste management” in accordance with LEED certification

Monitoring quality of waste management plan implementation on construction site

Submissions of monthly reports about removal of construction and solid waste with purpose to receive LEED certificate

Creation of waste management strategy for future tenants and staff. Practical implementation of waste management plan

Selection, supply and installation of waste management equipment including: waste chutes, mobile compactors, vertical presses, bins and smart street waste solutions

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