The other day EXPO 2017 exhibition results were summed up in Paris. The Secretary-General of the International Exhibition Bureau, Vicente Lossertales, described Astana’s experience as a positive example for all specialised exhibitions in the future. Experts are still calculating the multiplier effect of such a large-scale event for the country’s economy. Moreover, today we want to commemorate what this event meant for our company.

So, Tau Innovative solutions for Astana Expo-2017 is:

– Integrated Waste management plan for the of 25 hectares territory, as well as adjacent 150 hectares;
– efficient systems for separate waste collection;
– specialised waste collection transport;
– waste collection routes and procedures;
– three-stream waste collection bins and other innovative machinery;
– customer service management;
– removal of solid and construction waste from the site.

How did it look like in practice? If you visited the Astana Expo-2017 at least once during the summer, apart from the exciting innovations presented in the pavilions, you might have noticed new waste bins – BigBelly. For example, an empty water bottle was to be thrown out not the rest of the waste, but in a particular marked compartment. Paper – into another chamber.

Inside the metal frame, waste is compacted, thus decreasing the volume by five times! The system works from solar panels installed on the top of the frame, but it can also be easily powered from the grid. Bin’s readiness to be emptied can be monitored remotely via a computer or any mobile device. If the bin compartment is full, it will send a signal to the cloud-based platform, which in turn will notify cleaning crew. The entire process is entirely automatic.

More than 120 cleaning crew were on site 24 hours a day. In order not to disturb the visitors, the pavilion containers were taken out only at night. By the end of the exhibition, 17,759 cubic meters of solid waste were collected and partially recycled, peak day being – 230 cub. meters.

The critical partner of Tau Innovative Solutions was the Italian company Metalco with their motto “Social design for real life!”. Our company is its only official distributor on the territory of Kazakhstan. The brand Metalco among others produces simple customisable metal bins. It is the best way to separate waste at source, even though they require manual checking for fullness.

Some of the most developed countries in the world are already using smart waste systems in everyday urban life. Kazakhstan is only on the verge of the “green” evolution; change is facilitated through the experience gained during EXPO. To establish a universal culture of the separate waste collection is our global task. Experience gained from the exhibition in Astana Tau Innovative Solutions intends to use in Dubai in 3 years. We plan to apply for World Expo 2020 and become a full-service provider of waste management. Keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck!

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